Strategy Management

Our Process Map – Your DigitalMove Journey

If you decided to make a digital move, then you are already half way there. Your journey begins and we will ensure you enjoy the ride and reach destinations you only imagined.

Phase 1: Planning Phase

We initiate your DigitalMove Journey and we get to know you and your business. We dive into your innate values and core functions and we run an in depth research on your industry. We analyse your needs and identify the areas that we could collaborate in order to reach your ultimate objectives. We brainstorm, exchange ideas, we listen and adapt in order to provide you with all the possible options and we agree on the way forward.

Phase 2: Designing Phase

We withdraw for a short while so that we can blend the information we gathered with our creativity and expertise to design your next DigitalMove. We receive constant feedback from you and provide at least three different concepts and samples for your consideration.

Phase 3: Developing Phase

We use our tools, expertise and knowledge in concert with your wisdom in order to create your masterpiece. During this phase we run continuous quality assurance tests and control mechanisms in order to safeguard quality standards.

Phase 4: Delivering Phase

Once you have tested it, agreed to it and once you are ready and happy, we complete and deliver. You are ready for launch!

Phase 5: Post- Delivering Phase

And now our real work begins. We run a post-launch review to assess and we watch how our creation behaves as well as monitor the progress. We are constantly there to watch it grow, develop and protect it.